CoBA’s First Intern

When I look outside, I do not know where I am.
I long to be in that place that until now only exists in my mind.
Looking for intimacy, security, the desire to be back in that familiar place.
Why did I lose it?
Did I ever have it?

Originally coming from a Serbian family, Jovana’s divided childhood between the Netherlands and Serbia has resulted in having memories of both countries. Jovana was always fascinated with the different cultures in which she grew up. Therefore, her background plays an important role in her research and studies, mainly in the documentary form, including short videos about nostalgia and melancholia. While continuously in search of an abstract place that so far has only existed in her head, Jovana concentrates on the meaning of having two different backgrounds. As CoBA’s intern, Jovana will write about artists as foreigners and organise an event to represent and introduce CoBA to the Amsterdam cultural scene.


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