Point of View

Elektronska pozivnica CoBA-116 June 2016

Roman Djuranovic, Tadija Janicic and Zolt Kovac

Contemporary Balkan Art presents its first exhibition of Balkan artists in hot spot The Library on London’s St. Martin’s Lane. Comprising elements of film, design, comic strips, photography and other media, ‘Point of View’ is a selective depiction of contemporary rituals, fragments of the current condition, and of roles and identities.

The unifying thread which connects the work of these three artists is the appreciation of common areas of ordinary or strange atmosphere which take us to a territory where events are fictional and real in equal measure. This depiction of (un)reality exposes us to ideas that are intriguing, yet accessible and attainable. The artistic expressions of Djuranovic, Janicic and Kovac contain pensiveness and dilemmas, movement and passivity, and all of them, whatever they may be, bring us back to fragments of our current state and our daily lives. For that reason they are all connected precisely by transience and at the same time ‘lightness’ of a contemporary person.

The exhibition will be held 6–10pm on 16 June 2016 at The Library, 112 St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4BD. Catalogue of exhibited works will be available.

Please RSVP to russell-omaljev@contemporarybalkanart.com