Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA) represents emerging artists from the Balkans whose remarkable potential in the art scene is acknowledged both locally and internationally. Aware of the ever-larger art market, CoBA carefully selects artists and their most original pieces. We are interested in concepts that balance dominant artistic paradigms and the personal sensibilities of each of the artists. The uniqueness of our artists lies in their use of different genres and visual expressions. Their works reflect strong emotions and experiences, confirming CoBA’s commitment to pluralism of ideas. Accordingly, CoBA provides a platform where knowledge, sophisticated taste and investment in artwork interact. Our mission is to organize exhibitions, accommodate different artists and hear their opinions about art today and possible future trends. Moreover, we plan to host workshops and informal gatherings with artists as well as art experts. If you are an artist yourself or an art collector, the CoBA team will be pleased to hear from you.

Branislav Radeljic
, PhD
Founding Partner

Branislav Radeljic

Branislav Radeljic is an academic, consultant and policy analyst. His scholarly interests focus on European Union, East European and Western Balkan political and socioeconomic developments.

He has held various fellowships in Europe and the United States, and has published extensively on European Union and Western Balkan politics. Given that art has always been a huge hobby of his, he decided to join a group of art lovers, resulting in the establishment of the non-for-profit Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA) agency.






Ana Russell-Omaljev, PhD
Creative Director

Ana Russell-Omaljev

Ana Russell-Omaljev is a writer and Creative Director of art agency Contemporary Balkan Art.

After completing a PhD at the University of Reading, Dr Russell-Omaljev published the award-nominated book ‘Divided We Stand: Discourses on Identity in First and Other Serbia’.  The author of numerous newspaper articles and contributor to several edited volumes and journals, Dr Russell-Omaljev is currently working on a new book and is a regular speaker on the topic of identity politics at international conferences. She divides her time between London and Tortola, BVI.