Iva KuzmanoviC

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Iva Kuzmanovic (1984) is a Serbian visual artist, educated at the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Her artwork has regularly been exhibited in the Balkans as well as in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland. In her work, tropical jungle scenery, sculls, frames of famous pop music videos and music itself are used as memento mori motifs in the contemporary interpretation of vanitas tradition. The elements used in her drawings, paintings, and video installations, serve to question the quality and content of escapism not only as a way to temporarily dislocate oneself from the constraints of everyday life but also as a legitimate instrument of creation and reinvention of personal past, present, and identity. Iva is a member of the Independent Cultural Association at Magacin MKM. Moreover, as a curator and founding member of the U10 Art Space, she has hosted more than eighty group and solo exhibitions and other art projects.