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13 March 2017

‘Sunset Journeys’, A Solo Show of Lidija Delic

Lidija Delic will be having her first solo show in Italy, at CIRCOLOQUADRO arte contemporanea, 23 March – 12 May 2017.

‘The apparently banal subject of the works is on one hand emphasized through repetition and redundancy, while on the other hand is cancelled thanks to a painting technique that requires ability to wait and leads to outcomes never exactly the same.

Large size papers and an installation to highlight the subjective nature of time and the evanescence of memory, while the subject reminds of en plein air landscape painting as well as exotic landscapes' postcards, collected and admired by the artist.’ (Marta Cereda)

For more details, please see CIRCOLOQUADRO arte contemporanea.



23 January 2017

Press Release: Established Balkan Artist Zolt Kovac in Conversation with Ana Russell-Omaljev, 22 January 2017 at GALLERY 106

Looking from the angle of this manic life, the only time we feel present is when we lose time. Zolt Kovac

GALLERY 106 in Fulham provided the setting for a thought-provoking discussion between well-known Serbian artist Zolt Kovac and Ana Russell-Omaljev of Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA). The Artist in Conversation event closed the tremendously successful Six Established Artists from the Balkans exhibition presented by CoBA and GALLERY 106 over the last six weeks, also showcasing works by Roman Djuranovic, Nemanja Golijanin, Tadija Janicic, Iva Kuzmanovic, and Petar Mirkovic.

An enthusiastic crowd of art lovers, designers, architects and interested followers of modern art converged in Fulham, having fought their way past hordes of Chelsea fans, on a bleak Sunday night. The conversation revolved around Zolt Kovac’s art and music career, his social activism and international exhibitions, and how modern art can change stereotypes of the Balkans. Zolt stressed that he perceives art as a form of communication and artists as public intellectuals with the voice to bring about change in attitudes and values.

Asked whether there has been a perceptible change in the way art is shown to the public, with museums and galleries ceding primacy to Instagram and the like, Zolt shared some insight about non-traditional ways of presenting art in Serbia, such as different venues, self-organizing societies and street art. Selling art in Serbia poses a unique set of challenges, not least of all due to the immaturity of the art market, and initiatives such as CoBA who promote Balkan art to international audiences are to be welcomed. Kovac observed that state efforts to promote modern culture are not enough and that more should be done in order to change stereotypical views of the Balkans, created in the aftermath of the dissolution of Yugoslavia. In most European cities, art, culture and museums are considered assets, which enrich the lives of citizens culturally, but also economically, by stimulating tourism, Russell-Omaljev added. The discussion ended by considering Zolt’s Empty Time series and the fundamental questions about modern life which it poses. Zolt explained that with many of us (and particularly in Serbia) needing at least two jobs to make a decent living, we rush manically around town in an effort to ‘increase efficiency’, seeking instant coffee, instant earnings and instant love. In his view, Empty time is a precious commodity which allows us to deepen relationships with people we care about by spending time together and doing simple, small things such as cooking, eating, playing backgammon, listening to music, altogether actually meaning an investment of time into love.

Zolt Kovac is the co-founder and editor of the influential online arts magazine Supervizuelna (, which provides critical analysis of some of the dominant issues of contem-porary art. He also plays bass guitar in the alternative rock band Jarboli.

Contemporary Balkan Art revealed that their next exhibition will run for 40 days from the beginning of April at members’ club The Library in Covent Garden, London, and will feature 15 artists.



13 October 2016

Petar Mirkovic Solo Exhibition

petar-mirkovic-crtezi-o-beogradu1Petar Mirkovic will be exhibiting at the New Moment Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia), 13 October – 13 November 2016.

Playing with shadows, reflections, textures, and glare of street lamps and car headlights, Mirkovic creates a kind of exciting urban mythology. His works are extremely attractive and leave a strong impression on the observers, because although he does his drawings with charcoal on paper, it is difficult to escape the impression that these are not black-and-white photographs. Mirkovic’s works could be categorized under hyperrealism, but the author says he never gave priority to this effect. (Art&Business)

For more details, please see the New Moment Gallery.



10 October 2016

'Avalanche', An Exhibition by Stanimir Genov  


Stanimir Genov will be exhibiting at Contemporary Space in Varna (Bulgaria), 12–30 October 2016.

The exhibition is entitled 'Avalanche', something that is not typical for the region. The paintings exhibited in this 'show' invoke another avalanche – a dense, total, at times psychedelic, colorful territory – neither a landscape, nor an abstract composition. Undefined inner state, which finds its visual expression in avalanche of forms, pre-images, almost-figures, quasi-spaces, half-gestures, etc. (Yovo Panchev)

For more details, please see Contemporary Space.



8 September 2016

Marija Sevic Award-Winning Exhibition


Marija Sevic's new collection 'Mom & Dad' will be exhibited in Herceg Novi (Montenegro), 8–28 September 2016.

For more details, please see the Art Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic.












1 July 2016

Roman Djuranovic Pop Up Exhibition

8a058b36b8b389ec98498504095c1ea0The CoBA team is very pleased that one of our artists will be exhibiting in New York City, 21 July – 11 August 2016.

For more info, please see Taglialatella Galleries.